New available service from Castelia Bay!
Castelia Rent a Car! Planning a road trip to the most beautiful places of Karpathos or rent a car for your holidays in our island? We created a car rental agency conveniently located in our own hotel. We have carefully selected cars to make sure that we provide our clients with the highest car rental quality service in Karpathos.

Our cars

Castelia Rent a Car offers two newly bought type of cars, Seat Sii and Seat Ibiza, both stylish, impressive with low CO2 emissions and superb fuel economy. All vehicles are available for car hire on-site at Castelia Bay Hotel, the Karpathos International Airport (pre-arranged) and the main port of the island (pre-arranged).  

At Castelia Rent a Car, we offer a complete and comprehensive auto insurance coverage policy for all vehicle categories. For more information, prices and quotes please get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Castelia Rent a Car, Information

Driving Tips and Regulations.

Driving a car in Karpathos is by far the best way to reach the myriad of attractions, see the island's scenic coastlines and enjoy the varied landscapes. In most areas Karpathos has an good roadway system that makes it quite easy for those who rent a car, with the only complication being up-to-date road maps (we will provide an up-to-date map).

  • It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving and you can expect to be stopped and fined if you violate this law.
  • When parking look for a parking lot or hotel parking, as on-street parking it might be hard to find during the high season.
The most challenging aspects of driving a car rental in Karpathos are the narrow roads and curvy, mountain passes in the island's rural areas. Drive slowly, heed the posted speed limits, and be prepared to pull over to allow oncoming traffic to pass on narrow roads